All meats and eggs used by Fresh Fork Market are 100% “pasture raised.”  This means that the animal is free range and on organic pasture land.  For ruminant animals, such as cattle and lamb, they get 100% of their diet from grass.  For other animals that cannot completely digest the cellulose found in plant matter, their diet is substituted with the approporate grain mixture for that animal.  These include things like corn, oats, barley, legumes, wheat, and minerals.  These other animals include hogs, chickens, ducks, and turkeys.  You never have to worry about our animals being fed animal by-products.  All grains are locally grown and milled. The grains they are fed are not organic grains.  Why?  Because that would require shipping grains in from out West (thus defeating our goal to be sustainable). With locally grown grains, the animal may eat those grains much sooner after they are harvested. Fresher grains have more nutrients and are therefore better for the animals’ health.

All Fresh Fork Market meat products are hormone and antibiotic free and will come to your frozen-with the exception of Thanksgiving turkeys (delivered fresh.)

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