We are proud to offer a wide variety of organic grains.  We sell wheat berries, spelt berries, cornmeal, and an assortment of flours from both spelt and wheat.  We only sell whole grain flours.


The best dried beans you’ve ever had, and all the colors you can imagine.


City Roast and Rising star are keeping us caffeinated!


Freshly ground, organic flours that are best stored in the fridge (not brominated or treated with anything ending in -cide makes them more perishable.)


Organic, whole grains from Stutzman— cornmeal, oats, spelt berries and more.


We carry an absurd variety of granolas– from dark chocolate chip to apple pie, we’ll top your yogurt and then some.

Soaps & Shampoos

Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company is keeping us clean!

Explore our Dry Goods

Black Beans

Spelt Flour

Red Beans

Pizza Dough Balls

Cannellini Beans

City Roast Organic French Roast Coffee Beans

Crazy Monkey Dark Chocolate Granola

Krispie Treat Granola

Honey Puffed Spelt

Vermont Cranberry Beans

Pinto Beans

Navy Beans

Mixed Dried Beans

Kidney Beans

Spelt Berries

Rolled Oats

Hard Red Wheat Flour

Golden White Wheat Hard Flour