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A New Model For Eating Locally

Fresh Fork Market is weekly subscription to local, sustainably-produced foods. We work with more than 100 family farms all within 75 miles of Cleveland, and we put together a bag for our customers every week: fresh produce, whole grains, farm-fresh eggs, grass-fed dairy products, and pasture-raised meats. Subscribers come and collect their bags at one of our 20+ pick up locations all over town.

At Fresh Fork Market, we take pride in bringing you old-fashioned foods from local fields, available for pickup weekly at more than two dozen locations across Northeast Ohio.

What You Get

You sign up for a weekly share, or a “Bag” as we call it. You choose the size of the bag (small or large, depending on how hungry you are or how many mouths you’re feeding), and whether you’d like the Omnivore, Vegetarian, or Vegan variety.


Where You Get It

We have more than 20 weekly pickup locations around Northeast Ohio. At the beginning of the season you choose your primary stop, and you can also pick up at any location if you need to. Picking up your share is easy: just show up and grab your bag (and get any extras you need, too!). Summer Stops Winter Stops

Cooking Up Inspiration

Along with each week’s bag, we provide cooking tips and tricks, as well as customized weekly recipes, written and tested by our team. Our online community of Fresh Forkers is also thousands strong, remarkably inventive, and really helpful. See Recipes




Thousands Strong & Growing.

We’ve been overjoyed with the support we’ve received over the years. Our community has grown from a few brave founding members to over 3,000 families and growing. Join the community and stay in touch. Join The Community