Just like fresh fruits and vegetables, vacations are good for you! In order to better serve our subscribers, we offer a vacation from our program in case you’re headed out of town: you can take off up to 4 weeks from your subscription, and still get to keep the credits towards further purchases. Here’s the info:

Register your vacation.

  • Sign into your account and click “Manage My Subscriptions.”
  • Select the current season from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the “Vacations” tab, & select the weeks you’ll be gone.
  • Repeat for multiple weeks.
  • If you want to double check your work, sign out, sign back in, repeat these steps to find your Vacations tab and make sure the correct weeks are listed.
  • You can send us an email (info@freshforkmarket.com), give us a call 800-861-8582, or tell a Greeter at the stop and we’ll handle it for you.

Make sure it’s at least one week in advance.

However you do it, you need to make sure it’s done by by Saturday afternoon the week before you intend to take off. We have our final numbers for the coming week on Sunday, and we use those numbers to order all the food for the week. Unfortunately, if you do not notify us at least one week in advance, then we cannot give you credits back because we will have already ordered and paid for your food. If you forgot to register your vacation week in time but know you’re  going to miss your stop, best bet is to call a friend or a neighbor and offer them your bag. All they have to do is come to any stop and give us your name, they’ll get to try some delicious food and you’ll get loads of good-veggie-Karma.

Hit the beach now, enjoy the credits later.

Your vacation credits only become available after your vacation week is over. As soon as you get back (or once your vacation week is over), you’ll notice a bunch of bright and shiny new credits in your account! During the Summer Share that’s $25-$27 for a Small Share and $40-$43 for a Large depending on your subscription. During the Winter Share, it’s $45 per week. Your credits are good going forward towards the purchase of more food, however are no good towards paying off a previous balance or membership fee.

Don’t wait too long!

You have four full weeks to use your vacation credit towards the purchase of more good food. You need to spend at least $1 of those credits within four weeks to maintain their full value After four weeks, if you haven’t touched them, your credits will only be worth 50% of their value. And don’t worry, Full Access customers– our system knows to spend your vacation credits first before your pre-paid credits. If you are planning a vacation during the final weeks of the season, please let us know as soon as you’ve made your plans so we can make your credits available to you earlier. All vacation credits expire at the end of the current season.

Buy more good food with your credit.

You can order either double-up bags or shop à la carte, online or at the back of the truck. When shopping online, select “use credits” to pay (click here to read more about how to place a special order), and pick up your stuff from your primary pick up location on file. If you go over your available credits when you’re shopping, the balance must be paid in full for your order to be filled. If you’re shopping online, this means finishing up with a credit card.  If you’re at the truck, the balance can be paid with cash, check, or added to your invoices.